Someone who likes to be constantly improving and getting into new things as much as possible

Although my professional life has taken me through visual and narrative construction, my true passion lies in creating things that are not only watchable, but also have functional purpose and contribute to a better life.

My goal is to create meaningful experiences that impact both customers and businesses. I design for external (customers, users) and internal parties (stakeholders, employees).

I like to work on projects that are research-based, hypothesis-driven, and validated through testing. Products and services that reach their full potential and meet the needs of all stakeholders.

© michelicrespo 2022. All Rights Reserved.
© michelicrespo 2022. All Rights Reserved.

My design values

I enjoy working with partners instead of clients. I'm at my best when collaborting throughout the entire product development cycle
Purpose over tactics
Too often projects start with the question "How?" rather than "Why?". This leads us away from our goal.

I always start with extensive research and problem exploration. More than focusing on finding a solution, I try to dig as deep into the problem space as I can.

Design isn't a solitary practice. In my daily work, I actively seek the involvement of stakeholders and colleagues. I firmly believe that good design solutions come from bringing different experts together

With an eye for craft
I am first and foremost a maker. I enjoy the craft of UX design and bringing good ideas to life. I follow the product development cycle from problem definition to design implementation.

Strategy-driven tools
The risks of focusing on technologies and tools without a clearly defined strategy are obvious: they may not deliver the promised customer experience. I am a big defender of a strategy-driven approach.

A heart for people. A mind for business
I always keep the business needs and constraints in mind, and find the perfect balance between a solution that meets user needs and one that simultaneously achieves objectives and is cost-effective.