Alsace is a French region bordering Germany and Switzerland, known for its brewing heritage and a German influence. To help position AK DAMM we pulled together the best of Germany with the best of France. German character. French refinement.
Client: DAMM
Agency: Caldas Naya
CD: Gustavo Naya
Head of Art: Juanjo Casañas
Art Director: Michel i Crespo
Film production: Mike Diver


The "camino" connects people with places but also connects people with other people. When it was opened the long awaited underground line which connects Barcelona center with the airport we launched a communication with real stories from real citizens. With this action we showed the Barcelona's Metropolitan Transport as a service that exists by and for the people.
Client: TMB
Agency: BeRepublic
CD: Rafa Ferrater
AD: Michel i Crespo
Filmaker: Jota Aronak
Photographer: Salva López

The last dinner

It was said that on December 12, 2012, would be the end of the world as we know it. That was the date of SCPF's Christmas party so we decided spend our last night together like a sect.
Client: SCPF*
CD: Michel i Crespo & Jordi Carles
AD: Michel i Crespo
Photography: Adrian Iglesias


RACC (Royal Catalan Automobile Association) reached to us to develop a communication campaign to increase pedestrian awareness in road safety. Our solution was to reiterate the dangers at crosswalks.

Client: RACC
Agency: Mr. John Sample
CD: Mariá Chica & Jan Ehrenreich
AD: Michel i Crespo


Conversations with relevant personalities talking about the future to introduce the concepts of security and stability as part of the bank identity.
Client: Banc Sabadell
Agency: SCPF*
CD: Borja Orozco
Head of Art: Marius Zorrilla
AD: Michel i Crespo
Film production: Sofa Experience


Client: MSF
Agency: Mr. John Sample
CD: Borja Orozco
Art Director: Michel i Crespo
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© michelicrespo 2022. All Rights Reserved.