Tompkins Conservation
UI Design
Case Study

Redesigning the digital communication platform of a beautiful initiative for our future.

This project is part of a personal initiative, on the one hand to deepen the processes and needs of UX/UI Design.

My Role
Wireframing, Prototyping, Information Arquitecture, Interaction Design, Brand Design.

Personal Project

15 days

About the Project

Having handed over management of nearly 15 million acres to the governments of Argentina and Chile, the non-profit Tompkins Conservation Foundation has much to tell the world about the work they have done for more than two decades to keep a small part of the planet as wild and natural as possible.

To do so, they attend events and give conferences, but it is just as important that their main channel of communication with the world highlights the value of their work and builds an image as unique as the project itself.


UX Challenges

One of the main considerations I had in mind when creating the information architecture was the amount of information that the site must host to understand the magnitude of the project, added to the fact that the main objective of the platform is to raise funds and call for action to maintain the initiative.

Therefore, it fulfills two main objectives for two main types of users: those who want to contribute financially and those who want to get involved with actions.

There was a big dichotomy in the way the site was presented: the work had to look serious, answer many questions and have all the historical, current and future path details, while at the same time inspire and excite those interested in the project.

UX Solutions

To meet the challenge of the amount of information, create a narrative architecture based on how editorial products are consumed, so that clear and concise messages guide navigation. In the background, but not discreetly, are always present the buttons that direct us to donate or take action.

To balance the weight of the theme and the volume of information, the page designs use beautiful images of the main characters, nature and animals that, lying on a dark black background, captivate our attention and lead us to a deeper immersion in the communication.


Introducing our history and our work in a dynamic and interactive way.

At any time of navigation to facilitate the decision to collaborate with the cause.

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© michelicrespo 2022. All Rights Reserved.